Born Culture, by Piankhi Grimes

Our Culture is Freedom, Freedome is the Way of Peace,the Way of ISLAM, the Way of Mathematics and the Way to Divinity.With Justice and Equality this is our True Way of Life so We must have Freedom.Free-da-dome from what though? Negative Thoughts and Evil Suggestions. Everything begin as a Thought and the nature of your Thoughts determine the quality of your Energy.A person can be harboring ill Feelings due to these ill Thoughts then this throw off the Vibe within the Cipher.In order to Free-da-dome of this quality of Energy We have to get those Thoughts off our Mind.Through Words or in Actions.Reveal it,expose it speak on it.Get it off your chest. That’s what it mean to Free-da-dome.Take the devil off your mental plane(t) first,which is the root of civilization. Then run him/her from amongst you.All our problems come from holding on to ill things,like petty grudges, disdain, offenses and pride. One of Allah’s most repeated attributes is Most Forgiving.Forgiveness is letting things go,not holding on to the slight or infraction.B.u.t., never Forgetting the Lesson that came from it.Refinement is letting go of a filthy affair or filthy way of life.This is how We clean ourselves up,from the inside out.And its as simple as making a Choice. Be who you are or pretend to Be something you’re not.

Piankhi Grimes
DOC #614-067

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