Marlon Dave

Trump Magic, by Marlon Dave

I sat in a book club one day and the topic of politics came up. It was a month or so before the presidential election and Donald Trump was running for president. Everyone assumed that he would struggle to make it in the office because he was not a traditional politician and because his views rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Black people felt that he was a racist and was backed by a party of equal minded people. A lot of whites in my circle felt the same way and especially our book club leader, who was a woman, felt that he was sexist.

So when I took the side of Donald Trump everybodies jaw dropped. I was told that I ought to be ashammed, that I was letting down my race if I voted for a racist. Then our book club leader spoke and said “what about me and how he feels about women”.

They just refused to look at this man in any other way. Sure he may feel exactly the way they say he does but I never vote for the individual, I vote for what the individual can do and will most likely do. In my black mind, this was the recipe that I have been looking for. A non traditional president of the white race who spoke his mind and was only interested in power and money. Him, speaking his mind, would only benefit us all because there will be no sugarcoating and i’m sure some racist lines would come out which would only help black people realize that they were still in a dog fight. Futhermore, who is afraid of power and money, not I. I understand the market and capitalism as a whole so theres no way that I can’t get my piece of the pie.

I explained to the room that I can’t wait for this man to say something crazy out of his mouth so he can fuel the people to do what they were suppose to be doing since MLK Jr. died. I need Mr. Trump (yup I call him Mr. with the utmost respect because he is saving my life at the moment) to continue to be him because the evidence of his decisions can not be argued. People all over the world are chanting Black Lives Matter. People all over the world are once again fighting for Black equality. People all over the world are speaking the names of Black American martyrs. People everywhere are talking about police reform. People everywhere are talking about changing the educational system. People everywhere are talking about the economic gap. People everywhere are pointing fingers at the justice system. People EVERYWHERE! When I say PEOPLE EVERYWHERE I mean people of all shades and in unexpected countries.
These are the things that we hoped Obama would do but he didn’t.

Donald J. Trump is my hero because without any effort and simply being himself he brought our most valuable issues to the forefront. Forget him as a person, just look at what he produced for us. Whether he did it on purpose or not i’ll take the results over the man all day long. I hope to God he makes it for another four years. There is no doubt that we will have made America hear us and respect us with another four years of protests and reform action. Thank you Mr. Trump for just being you, you have lit a fire under a people that has been long awaited. That’s the magic of Trump.

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