Josh Blount

by Josh Blount

Never in a million years would I have thought I would be spending my 44th b-day incarcerated! It’s been almost 2 years already and I still wake up most mornings in a state of disbelief. I look around and can’t believe I’m here. That’s the way thing about addiction, it doesn’t care about your race, social status or financial situation. The first time I popped those pills, I never imagined the road that I would travel. I became a slave to those drugs. One of the steps NA talks about our lives become unimaginable. What a true statement! Another popular phrase around the meetings is that the only outcome of addiction is jail, institution or death. Thank God I still got my sanity and drugs didn’t kill me! I guess in the long run jail is the best outcome of the three. I’m this blog I want to share my thoughts and story while I do my time. Hopefully I can help someone with my experience, strength and hope.

Josh Blount

DOC #270640


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  1. Hi from New Zealand. Even though I have never taken drugs or had alcohol problems I have managed to get myself in a world of trouble, more than I can handle at times. Remember that our Mighty God is always watching over you and always with you. Take care.

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  2. Hi Josh, Stewart Tutt sent me your way. I will be lifting you up daily in my prayers. I’m ex Canadian military so I have seen a bit but I know I don’t have a clue when it comes to being incarcerated. No judgement, we all make mistakes. Just know that God can indeed turn this into good, trust Him. Blessings my friend and keep posting whenever you get a chance. May God’s grace, peace and joy be flooded upon you and yours. – Bruce

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  3. I’m praying for you, Josh that God will use you for His Purpose. It’s not a shame to have made a mistake, but to not have learned by it. Learn from them and BELIEVE you can do better. Praying for you, In Jesus Name!

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