Lonnie Roacher

Being Black Is Scary, by Lonnie Roacher

I remember when Sammy Sosa the superstar ,major league baseball player and Michael Jackson the worldwide pop icon bleached there skin, we all looked at them as if they were mentally unstable, and ashamed of there dark, melenated skin. But after witnessing the unjustifiable murders of unarmed, blackmen…and women in America, Ive come to understand for them it was scary being black. its so tough being black, so many stereotypes, expectations and misconceptions, now I can c why Michael Jackson wanted to lighten his skin, I can understand why blackmen during the sixties would spend their hard earned money buying the biggest caddalac , the finest clothes, perming there hair; I can understand why black people from the date of this writing are the number one consumers in merchandise . we as a people feel the need to overcompensate because since being in America we’ve been made out to be different , not just in skin, but in mind and character as well. all we ever wanted was to be equal, we never proclaimed our true nature as Kings and Queens to white America and demanded them to treat us as Royalty, all we wanted was to be treated as equals. and we can’t even get that, over 450 years later. Blackmen and women can’t wear there long dread locked hair in the work place, if I have rims on my car I’m more likely to be pulled over , told my car smells of marijuana, rather it does or not, asked to step out of my car and produce license and regristation, and shot down from behind for trying to follow the directive given to me. man its so scary being black. one thing I do kno, is if Michael Brown, Sean bell, George Floyd or any of the other brothers or sisters were white , wearing a suit spending counterfeit dollars or selling cigarettes on a corner or just driving and being stop for a random traffic violation, they would not have been touched , nevertheless given a death sentence on the spot by vigilante police officers or neighborhood watch. But to go even further in this conversation, it is sacry being a blackman, or woman however, being a little black boy or girl is just as scary if not more. our innocent little children think everything is a game, so them seeing a police officer and hold there cap gun up and saying , ” bang bang” can lead to a justifiable death sentence in the eyes of the litigators and law enforcement we vote into our trust as leaders of the people. What other people do u kno who have to teach there children if pulled over by law enforcement while driving in a car to hold ur hands up and don’t make any wrong movements , as if there is a grizzly bear in front of them? but there is; a big overly aggressive grizzly bear that preys on the Blackman, woman and child as an easy kill. its so scary being black, I think being black was much easier when the white community would hide there rascim by smiling in our faces while telling us , ” I have a good friend who is black” or ” rascim is dead” . now a days they won’t even smile at u, our president has no problem fueling the racsist flames of white America. And yes, i understand that the black community have our own problems with violance and a broken phychological outlook on the things that should be prioritized and white America will use that as justification to kill us, ” black people kill themselves everyday but now your sceaming black lives matter?” but what you dont understand is this, alot of times those who are victimizing are victims themselves.But we must prevail so what do we do next? yes, being black is scary but Inorder to get over a phobia or fear is to face it head on, so we are demanding change, we are voting for change, we are walking in change until we are treated equally in this country which was forced on our backs , nurtured and cultivated not by water and sun, but blood , sweet and tears that we produced willfully and forcefully My people are no longer scared , we are now a mad black tribe , and I stand an agreement with my people fully. #MakeAmericaThinkAgain #BlackLivesMATA #Blacklivesmatter

Lonnie Roacher
DOC #1019965

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  1. I live in New Zealand and I’m olive skinned (part Spanish). You rarely see or hear of any racism over here. I work with people from many different countries and we all get on fine. I guess we are lucky here. Take care.


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