Anthony Waters



The strangest fruit u ever seen is ripped with pain,
forbidden fruit of knowledge only a few can obtain,
that’s why the evil in men want to abolish me,
yet my higher self of righteousness acknowledge me.

I’m trying to find the land filled with milk and honey,
where u got to be a king or queen for hunger to never touch your stomach.

If words are life,
and life is not forever why show any fear,
see for years I had to fight for my existences,
while embracing the only thing promised to man,
which is death that we all have witnessed.

I’m not just fighting to stay alive because my old ways died,
even though I been revived I’m also struggling with the evil still inside,
I know my worth as I know my wealth.
Black is beautiful like coal is gold,
so my first instinct is to protect my soul,
though its much work like climbing out of a muddy hole,
maybe u could understand me more if u ever witnessed a heart thawed out that was froze,
yet I suppose no one knows,
until its up under your nose.

Well imagine this with a kiss,
an hurricane with a kite in its mist,
or fire without its flames,
I try to visualize myself without the chains,
history so crazy I don’t know who to blame,
no remedy on how to curve this pain,
shhhhh just read,
u can see the in side of my brain,
I’m all natural like the forest green,
I am the sun light on your face which make u beam,
the drug in your veins which make u fiend,
however I’m just a man but KNOWLEGDE is what make me king,
this is why I am one of thee most strangest fruit u ever seen.
peace to the true and living

Anthony Waters
DOC #720-786

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  1. I loved it so much you know who you are an the strength of being who you are ….love that true man I embrace that. Seriously


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