I SUPPORT!!!! , I STAND!!!! (with Suzie), by Wayne Braddy

Suzie Bosko IS…. an *AMAZING* INDIVIDUAL, with a *BROAD* PERSPECTIVE, who’s doing an *OUTSTANDING* JOB of bringing attention to those who have experienced the Judicial System. By giving “US” “A VOICE”… She’s helping people to *UNDERSTAND* that, although while incarcerated we may not be *DIRECT* members of Society at that particular moment…. WE STILL…. MATTER!!!!!!!!! Also she is making *STRONG* EFFORTS to further assist in Prison Reform once we are released. Therefore…. I SUPPORT!!!! , I STAND!!!! (with Suzie) ,because she Whole Heartedly does the *SAME* for…. ALL OF “US”!!!! THANK YOU! ,SUZIE (WE APPRECIATE “U”!!!!!!!!) ( =>))

Buy her book “Inmate Blogger: Proving Every Day That You Can’t Imprison A Soul”

Wayne Braddy #390056
North Central Corr. Complex
P.O.Box 1812
Marion, Ohio 43301

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