STOP CRYING! by Dean Giacomo

big brother lockdown– REALLY?! this current society has become so soft and are nothing more than vain, self-centered freakin cry babies. You know nothing of isolation and lock downs. you’re a prisoner in your own house, well boo hoo for you you have all your comforts and luxuries a big comfortable bed, good healthy food that you can eat how and when you want, you can go outside for a walk or a drive, there is no law or statute telling you you MUST stay in your “own residence .” You listen and believe the FEARMONGERERS cower in your homes because you listen to what you are told on TV and social media. Wake up!

I’m not denying that we’re in a crisis and things have changed and probably will never be the same as it was a year ago but get a set of balls and do something other than cowering in fear (that only exists because you let it fester in your mind).
Look around you you have family and friends everything you need, and in a lot of cases everything you want. Be thankful for remember things can always be worse.
Imagine getting sentenced to 35 years, for a crime you did not commit nor were you present when it was committed , and to add insult to injury, in a state that has abolished parole decades ago.

This is something to gripe and cry about. Think about being surrounded by animals posing as people on a daily basis, yea life’s a bitch, then you die.

Enjoy what you have, love those dear to you and those who aren’t. Forget about big brother and thank God you have family, friends and your freedom.
God bless!

Dean Giacomo
DOC #1207157

( Nottoway Correctional Center , VA.)

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