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Keeping Hope & Faith During Life’s Storms, by Matthew Puccio

Throughout the New Testament we see several examples of lack of faith, having faith, keeping faith, having hope, and keeping hope. Some of these scriptures deserve a second look to see the actual meaning of the events.

In Matthew 14:25-29 the story of Peter walking on water is told. We see here that it took faith to step out and walk on water. After all isn’t that what we are taught in Church? The exact opposite is the moral of the story here. Jesus never intended for Peter to walk on water. It was only through Peter not believing it was Jesus that he issued a challenge to Jesus. How can we now say that Peter acted in faith? His doubt and acceptance of the challenge is what lead to him walking on water.

In Mark 4:35-41 the story of Jesus calming the storm is being told. Jesus is fast asleep and this storm comes crashing down on the boat Him and the disciples are in. It is so bad that the disciples fear for their lives. They wake Jesus and questions His love for them. They have already seen Jesus at work doing miracles, so why all of a sudden would they lack faith? The outer storm created a much larger inner storm. God would have never allowed anything to happen to His Only Begotten Son and that would have included the disciples.

Just like the disciples as storms arise in our lives we are quick to question God’s love for us. We are even quick to believe that God isn’t there. How many times have you questioned the love God has for you during a major storm? During these storms we must remember the words spoken by the Prophet Jeremiah. In Jeremiah 29:11 we are told one amazing promise, but also that we don’t understand the mindset of God. That means we don’t understand the storms that enter our lives as well. Then in Philippians 1:6 Paul speaks on how God started a good work in each of us and He will be faithful to see it through.

Storms are known to crash ships by throwing them onto rocks so that the hauls break open. Allow the storms of life to send you crashing into the Rock of Ages and watch Jesus walk on the storm enraged waters towards you.

As children of God have the same protective Father that Jesus had while He was here on Earth. This promise was made in Isaiah 43:2,3. If God here promises that the waters will not overcome us and that the flames will not burn us, why lose our faith and hope when storms arise?

September is National Suicide Awareness Month. People commit suicide when they lose all hope and feel as if giving up is the best and only solution. That’s due to the lack of understanding in the love God has for them. As Christians it is our job to be a reflection of God’s love and we fail at that on different levels.

In Romans 8:35-39 Paul tells us that nothing at all can nor will separate us from the love God has for us.

That concept of belief takes and requires a lot of faith and hope. King David wrote in Psalms 32:6,7 the beautiful aspect of having a God that is able to protect and deliver us. He even pleads with the faithful to spend time with God in prayer. Not just when the storms of life arise either.

The answers to life’s biggest questions are found in the Bible. Keeping the faith we all have though is just one minor part of this journey. We must also keep our hope in God.

Life will never be easy at all. We all go through things that make us question God and His purpose for what the storms of life are doing to us. If you think the storms that life can throw at you are bad, just imagine someone dealing with inner storms of emotional turmoil and the roughness of that storm?

Only a God as loving and as merciful is able to save us from the storms. Instead of doubting God and issuing a challenge as we saw earlier, we need to place faith in God knowing that God knows best. Look for Jesus in these storms and as He walks on the waters don’t be afraid.

When all is dark and the waves are crashing down attempting to drown you, God can and will save you.

When the jury says guilty on an innocent man, As darkness sets in when orison doors close, When the one you love packs up and goes Jesus will meet you there.

He knows what we go through (Hebrews 2:17,18).

Let’s pray. Father God, only You know why we are locked in an inner prison better than we do. Please Abba, enter fully into our lives and set each of us truly free from our inner prisons. As each storm enters our lives I pray that none of us will doubt, but that we will have faith that You are there with us. Forgive us Father of sins known and unknown, rather in actions, thoughts, words, or deeds. Please help each of us to become better children of faith and hope as we journey through this life and into the next to be with You in all glory. Amen.

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