by Zoila Villa

” LOVE IS……<3 <3…Knowing you'll be loved until time….Love I will always love you end time…. dedicated to my love you know who you arrr…:-) I miss you song by:<3 Beyonce.

Dedicated My Love <3, Aquarius Love my life:-) My heart go on.. Celine Dion… Memories bring back on our love!!<3 Forever Babe, intentions by: Justin Bieber. I love you like love song by Selena Gomez…if your reading this too late, I'm sorryyyy!<3
(Believe) feat. Meek Mill
You know I still Believe you and me , cause every night I go to sleep, I can see like a movie in my dreams, put my face in the dirt in ground, I still raise to take back crown, you can break my body, you can lock soul of man down…
Follow your dreams not your addictions.. How we going follow our Dreams Lock in Prison, they try swallow me whole, god be my witness , deprived me of my Dreams but I'm relentless, I want money $, never want attention , so I don't pay attention, to all the comments, and all they mentions, they can see my vision, I was washing dishes..
Thank God You believe…make sure you kneel when you pray…
I Still your mine Love ❤ Your Love ) Beyonce."
" Song Lyrics : Care Packgage Album>>> ” I Get Lonely too” Song by Drizzy ❤ Drake
Waiting on for you for so long, too many days since January, I'm still sitting here alone , we should did this already, said I got email today, kind thought you forgot about me. But I want to hit you back ❤ to say, Baby, just like you I get lonely to, take time show you, just don't anybody my time show you, I can really get to know you, Take me to another place were I be face 2 face just you and me with no rules, just like you I get lonely too.Ready for us to get it on too get it on, ain't a lot to cross steady, Hope is like too long, I can be your friend, if you let me, don't want to come on strong, too many people want to get me, but you know what I got to do … Just like you I get Lonely too..:-) "
***Notes: Music is my heart and soul and when I love you , that how expression of my love through music, " In my feelings " Dedicated to Love# Drizzy Drake … Memories .. wish upon star to be were you are babe."
song love :
#1 (Paris Morton Take Care Love by: Drake)
#2 (Losses) by Drake
#3. ( Ashton Martin Music) by Drake and Rick Ross
#4 ( not you too) by Chris brown
#5 ( All eyes on you) by Meek Mill , Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown
#6 (Right Now, Na , Na, Na) by akon
#7 ( Out your mind) by FRENCH MONTANA and swae Lee
#8. ( unforgettable by French Montana and Swae Lee
#9. ( without you) by usher
#10. ( Your LoVe) by Nicki Minaj
#11 (Whatever you need) by Chris Brown and Meek mill
#12. (sorry) by Rick Ross and Chris Brown
#13. ( Odio ) by Romeo Santos and Drake
#14. ( Back To Sleep) by Chris Brown
#15. (Hold you down) by DJ Khaled , Chris Brown
#16,, ( Hotline Bling ) by drake
#17. ( Drifting) by G-Eazy , Tory Lanez, Chris Brown
#18. ( Moment for Life) by Nicki and Drake
#19. ( laugh Now cry Later) by: Drake
#20. ( say something ) by drake and timbaland
#21. ( Love Lockdown) Kanye West
#22. (truffle butter) by nicki minaj, drake, lil Wayne

Love Playlist To love my life, Dreaming of you, I love you to end time<3 Aquarius Lover:-)

Memories in my heart of you…take shot for me drizzy ❤
Do I still love me? Do I ever cross your mind
I will always love you…
I miss you …

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16756 Chino corona Rd.
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