Matthew Puccio

The Promises & Covenants of God for His Children, by Matthew Puccio

God promises to dwell with us where we will be His people and He will be our God. This promise was first made in Jeremiah 24:7 for anyone who turns to Him in true and sincere repentance. This is repeated in Second Corinthians 6:16, but also as a reminder that we are God’s temple and are meant to be Holy.

One promise is in the name Jehovah Shammah which means The Lord is There. That is meant for any of us who believe that when we become Born Again God is now in us. We are a partial fulfilment to that promise.

Isaiah 61:10 shows Isaiah rejoicing in the being of God. When was the last time you decided to delight in God that much for Him just being Him?

My personal favorite promise is found in Isaiah 55:3. It’s a promise and a covenant to anyone who will listen to and obey God.

The Bible is full of beautiful promises and just as many covenants. The biggest promise is of Salvation to any who call in the Name of Jesus Christ to be saved.

Believing in these promises of God require us to have full faith. Faith is best described as Full Assurance In The Heart. It is when we as believers don’t ask we just believe, trust, and know.

When God makes a promise or even a covenant He does it where only He is obligated to uphold it. This is seen in Genesis 15:17-20.

Now God didn’t split Himself into two beings here. He had help by the Holy Spirit. See God was the column of smoke and the Holy Spirit is represented as the fire. Remember none may see the face of God and live. This is due to our personal problem called sin.

As Christians we are meant and called to serve others. There are promises just to do those things. After all we are told to serve as Jesus did right before His betrayal at the Last Supper.

See Jesus washed His disciples feet. That task was done by the lowest grade of servant in those days. Jesus being God humbled Himself to the bottom grade servant just to serve His very own creation.

When we abide in the promises and covenants of God we will see how faithful He is by rewarding us openly with things we never even knew we were able to have. All it takes is for us to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness and all (not some) things will be added (given) to us. That alone is a promise that you can take to God’s bank account and cash in on.

Sharing the messages of hope, faith, love, joy, and beauty are just a minor aspect of sharing who Jesus is with others. A majority of them are done by action though.

Isaiah 56:2 tells us “Blessed is the man who does this. The son of man who lays hold of it.”

What do you think that blessing is for your personal life?

The Hebrew word for lay hold of means to cling to, to not give up. To set it up like a high tower.

The promises of God are meant for us to cling to and to hold close knowing He is faithful and just in all He does.

The Word of God is meant to be established as a pillar in each one of our lives. After all that is where we find His promises is it not.

Eternal life, divine deliverance by His intervention, being restored to our rightful place (fellowship and unity with God), and the fact that He is willing to forget all of our sins are just a few of thousands of promises He gives us.

What will you start to refute out of your daily life just so you may have one promise be fulfilled by God? What will it take for you to start to live in the victory He promised and gave you through the cross?

Doubt starts to creep in and fear will quickly follow. Then faith and hope take a backseat to the ride. We lose our beings when this happens.

When this does occurs we go from having the Holy Spirit being our guide to eternal life to Satan taking us by the hand and leading us to eternal damnation.

That is why we all need Jesus. This is why we need to set the Word of God upright in our lives as a pillar and as a high tower.

All of the promises and the covenants are meant for us (His children His bride) to walk in, claim, believe, and watch become fulfilled.

As we close this out, remember that God fan and never will fail any of us. It is we who fail Him. All God knows is how to prevail in all He does. Trust in Him and watch these promises flourish in your daily life.

Matthew Puccio #667-706
LeCI P.O. Box 56
Lebanon, OH 45036

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