Anthony Simmons

WORLD CHANGING SOLUTIONS, by Monica Idiom & Anthony Simmons

The Concept of thinking with contempt and invalidation of any remnant of disenfranchised people of color are of no value to black lives mattering. At this point we are conjoined twins… one of color and one who is not. The blatant ignoring of evidence to a long standing condition of hatred can only be resolved by the institution who licenses the Police Departments. There are no municipalities that can operate as an agency unless they are insured, if not so, why are Police Officers Liability Insurance claims still active? Law enforcement clearly have and are a Liability and the Coverage connected to it, should be revolked.

Every Profession in the Nation is Licensed by an agency that insures the guidelines of that stated profession are adhered to by Testing and Recertification; If not adhered to, the license is Revolked. The Law Enforcement Agencies in this Nation are the Only entity who do not have to adhere to licensing beyond carrying a firearm.

Insurances can be purchased to cover cost of Police Misconduct and Lawsuits rather than borrowing to pay settlements from taxpayers in their municipalities. But if we take a city like Cleveland, Ohio which currently has 26 settlement cases dating back from Tamir Ric, Nov. 2014. The city of Cleveland has a current payment plan to pay 13.2 Million over two years. Excluding, 17.7 Million from previous Misconduct Filings. (see Eric, Heisig, Cleveland. com.02/23/2017) But if the Police were held Accountable through certification and Licensing, the Insurance Companies would maintain a satisfactory rating for Low Misconduct Claims and Municipalities would have more revenue to improve the city considerably.

Is there a resolve to Create Solutions to the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN AND HOW? Of course there is and we cannot be discouraged,considering we already know FOUR out of FIVE.

1. WHO? The American White Supremist Racist Virginia Slave Code Laws founded in 1660.
2. WHAT The enforcement of these Outdated slave Patrols of white men who took turns covering particular areas of counties.
3. WHERE? The United States law Enforcement Agencies across the USofA.
4. WHEN? After the Civil War Slave codes ended, only to be replaces with added discriminatory laws called Black Codes, supported by the 13th and 14th Amendments, Those Codes Transformed to the JIM CROW laws.

The Voices out there who want to enact change, first have to petition their State Representatives to secure State License, Revoking procedures for Law Enforcement to be implemented by a Non-State independent agency. The People have to demand a federal audit of every Municipality that has been accuse or Law Suits has been filed for Misconduct Retroactive (25) twenty five years. min addition a Federal audit of Municipalities’ Police Chiefs, Prosecutors Defense Attorneys, Judges and District Attorneys who may still preside in a Judicial Role of Authority which affected the Scales of Justice. This requested Audit would be retroactive from July 2, 1964 when Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Bill. Upon that signature any man that treats a citizen of color in a behavior that violates this Law… IS A CRIMINAL!


There is a Dirge that has weighed heavy on the souls of People of Color and Families, for Centuries, without an unified solution on how to prevent this Armed Militia called the “POLICE”, from breaking Civil Rights laws and treating citizens of color unjustly. There is current evidence that the United States of America has broken the law of Civil Rights act of 1964 and have implemented some of the same discriminating acts that sparked the need for the Civil Rights Act movement.

Law Enforcement as we have known this Institution as an,mPROTECT and SERVE entity must be Re-Evaluated and Dismantled. How much do Insurance Companies pay out yearly, per State municipalities due to Police Misconduct cases? What are the individual Cities Law Suits cost Reports per Municipality per state? How is Police Misconduct affecting the rebuilding of communities and Businesses? These are questions that should be asked in every Social forum in America.

The Police are not only leaving bloodshed, Murder and Loss, but Law Enforcement Agencies across this Nation are draining American Communities and Businesses’ Revenue. The Oath is not enough it has been broken and not upheld by many Law Enforcement representatives for Centuries.

Officers of Integrity, who Honor, Respect, Uphold and enforce the law will be examples of willing individuals with sincere camaraderie and solidarity to Protect and Service the Community with no resistance to dismantle the current system and implement a system that protects and Serves by Licensing and revoking dishonoring Officers who do not meet the License Guidelines.


What are your thoughts?

Anthony D. Simmons
CCI #A194507
P.O. Box 5500. unit E1/242B
Chillicothe, Ohio. 45601

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