What is Life but a Dream! A Dream that feels so Real,
So vivid & bright, camouflaging the Truth behind the Veil.
Beautiful lies cushion hard truths & solidify the 5 Senses,
Restricting Man’s ability to stretch beyond these 3 dimensions.
Length, width, height; distance, space, & time.
Triple Stages of Darkness clouding the unpolished Mind.
Discovery Channel is on. Tune in, Watch, & Listen.
Explorations of Inner Space are on slate, Focus Your Vision.
Contemplation’s the remote control, & Meditation’s the satellite dish,
Crystal clear pictures appear to ignite as if by some magical wish.
Gifts anoint the Souls of the Chosen who choose to See the Truth between the lines,
Yeah, each Moment’s dramatically critical yet it’s not really that serious at the same time.
Balancing this Perspective is the dilemma We all face,
Because on this Crazy Ride each of Us sets Our own pace!

DOC #1083630

Categories: poems, Sean Brown

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