Sean Brown


How can Time be managed if it’s not understood?
Or rather, how does one control the intangible illusion held on to beliefs grounded in falsehood?
First, stand strong in solitary Focus & Concentration,
Let go of thinking that general opinion is the same thing as validation.
It’s not. It’s grand delusion aka mass misperception,
Just like when cults grip insecurities, causing Souls to spread their mass infections.
Fear is the conduit which allows the virus to be transmitted,
The unknown provokes a mad scramble for anything to keep from feeling damned & witless.
Going from concept to production, & from theory to malfunction,
Is a process along the same path such as creation & destruction.
To keep track of it requires agreement on the accepted mode of operations,
Without a unified construct it all falls apart into pieces of imagination.
Consent makes it real, but that doesn’t make it Reality,
Because the agreement can always be renegotiated into a new accepted formality.
So the old formula’s no longer any good & becomes of no use,
Does the adult go back to drinking Similac, or continue drinking juice?
Why then be stuck in the myth of Space-Time existing along a concrete, linear line,
Like it’s an actual fact of Life & not just a concept within the human mind?
The Moment has arrived to grow up & move forward in realms of Truth,
Beyond the plain, obvious lines of sight which capture the average attention span by the roots.
Inner dimensions of comprehension can only be attained from being directed by Divine Wisdom,
Subduing the ego, getting in tune, & aligning the will with HIM.
Almighty GOD the Creator, Father of ALL,
Mandates that We either Think for Our Selves, or don’t even bother at all.

DOC #1083630

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