Christopher Bey


And Yehoshua spoke a parable: He said: : “Behold a farmer had great fields of ripened grain, and when he looked he saw that blades of many stalks of wheat were broken down.
And when he sent his reapers forth he said: ‘We will not save the stalks of wheat that have broken blades. Go forth and cut and burn the stalks with broken blades.”
And after many days he went to measure up his grain, but not a kernel could he find. and then he called the harvesters and said to them: “Where is my grain?”
They answered him and said: ‘We did according to your word we gathered up and burned the stalks with broken blades, and not a stalk was left to carry to the barn.’
And Yehoshua said: If God saves only those who have unbroken blades, who have been perfected in His sight, who will be saved?”….
There’s no such thing as perfect people…At best we can only learn how to see one another perfectly clear by recognizing the value that lies beyond the flaws…How many times have we rejected people because they do not appeal to our so called standards or expectations???…We’ll deprive ourselves from the potentials that exist just because the individual or the conditions of the individual do not conform to the ideas that we have created…How do we judge when we exist in a state of imperfection ourselves??? Its our flaws that make us unique and its within our differences that leave room for our discoveries….
Love,Truth, Peace,Freedom and Justice to the peoples.

DOC #G34518
Corcoran, CA

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