Douglas Haddix

Com’ on Man – Joe Biden Speak! by Douglas Haddix

Com’ on Man, you ain’t black man if you don’t vote for me! Joe speak defined: dude if you vote for anyone other than me, you believe in making money man!

Com’ on Man, what did you have to take a cocaine test before this interview! Joe speak defined: dude you are black and that is why I voted for the crime bill of 1994 is to lock you black man up for drugs!

Com’ on Man, you know the black community has not contributed to america but the latino community has! Joe speak defined: Andrew Johnson said it best in 1865 the whatever the black people touch it is destroyed!

Joe Biden is a true racist and is in the system of slavery. Todays slavery is prison and Joe keeps thinking ‘lock them up’

Douglas Haddix
DOC #304270

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