Davin Wallace

Not Your Ordinary Love, by Davin Wallace

Read Romans 12: 9-21
Love is the mission, one that Christ succeeded at, & if we’re not walking in that same agape then we we’re failing at.
My favorite part of this scripture is the fact God breaks down what/who to love & what to hate. Love people, really love them & hate what is wrong, even when it comes to my enemies. If your enemy is hungry, feed them, thirsty, serve them a drink. Its no more excuse, such as, God didn’t tell me to be a fool. The world & our own flesh & self knowledge would tell us feeding our enemies is a foolish thing.
God tells us to let love govern all our attitudes and actions. We all have been wronged by others. “God’s love” allows us to forgive them and seek reconciliation. All of us have hurt others. Love enables us to ask them for forgiveness and seek to make amends for the trouble and pain we have caused. Love in action is not easy; it demands we swallow our pride and admit our wrongs to others. As painful as love may be, however, it is the only way to experience the joy of rebuilding our relationships and self.

Now in the family of Christ the professed love of Christ to each other should be sincere & evident, free from deceit & unmeaning compliments. Depending solely on divine grace, we must detest and kill all evil, and love and delight in whatever is kind and useful. We must not only do what is good but cleave/hold on tightly to it. All our Duty towards one another is summed up in one word, love. This denotes the love of parents to their children, which is more tender and natural than any other, unforced, unstrained. Love to God and man with zeal for the gospel will make the wise Christian diligent in all our worldly business.

God must be served in the spirit, under the influences of the Holy Spirit. God is honoured by our hope and trust in Him, especially when we rejoice in that hope. He is served not only by working for/with Him, but by sitting still quietly when He calls us to suffer. Patience for God’s sake is true piety. Those who rejoice in hope are likely to be patient in tribulation. We should not be cold in prayer or weary of it. We must love not just family & other Christians but also our enemies. Love doesn’t begin & end just in kind words but also in our actions by ministering (which is to give) in the time of need.

Bless all people at all times and curse them never. So often we do the opposite. Pray for a person, then turning around and curse them with the same tongue.

We should grow to take part in the sorrows & joys of others. Also, as much as we can agree in spiritual truths, and when we fall short of that, agree in affection. Where ever you’re at be reconciled to the place God in His providence has put u, where ever or what ever it be. No one nor nothing is below us, but sin. We shall never find in our hearts to condescend to others, while we indulge conceit of ourselves.
This love surpasses all worldly understanding. With saying, by the grace of God….
As always I love U all & God bless U!!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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