In many inner cities across America, African-American youth are killing each other over neighborhoods which don’t even belong to Us. We may want to claim all these territories, but the reality is that they belong to corporations & to the government. At any given time, the government can use Eminent Domain to misplace hundreds of families for whatever reason deemed justified. Corporate agendas can change @ the drop of a dime & alter the lives/livelihoods of dozens of families. What’s truly Ours?
Crime & violence run so rampant in certain areas that it’s become the acceptable norm. Question: How can a man consider himself a Man if he can stand by & watch babies be killed, women be beat, & children threatened on a regular basis yet not be moved to do anything about it? What’s cool about letting Children turn to crime? Absolutely nothing! That’s madness.
As a result of generations of poverty, biased policies, poor education, & prohibition from real opportunities, We’ve found Ourselves stuck in a cycle where, unfortunately, We’ve become Our own worst enemy; destroying Our own Communities for pennies & crumbs, notoriety, & “hood reps”(so-called respect). What does any of this get Us in the end? We can’t trust the government, especially the police, yet We refuse to protect & take care of Our Communities Ourselves. Community Control is what We say We stand for, but too few of Us understand what that means.
The street organizations that We know of today, originally began as unified efforts to protect Our neighborhoods from injustices; to make the People feel safe knowing someone was truly looking out for them, taking care of the Elders & the Children. In other words, their directives were all about Community Control. As money & drugs began to infiltrate ranks, & various factions turned to crime; what happened was that new groups then emerged solely to be criminal organizations preying on the weak, downtrodden People already being abused systematically by outside forces. Sadly, guerrilla warfare has become the order-of-the-day in too many neighborhoods across too many cities, & Our Children are growing up in war zones with no relief in sight.
Who’s going to stand up & fight for the Babies? Who has the Courage to go against the tide & sacrifice in order to pave a better way for the future generations? What do Our lives mean if We haven’t left the World improved in some way once We depart from it?
If Our own People can’t feel safe around Us; if most People, regardless of their nationality, aren’t safe around Us, then We are enemies of the People. It’s impossible to murder, oppress, & destroy People while @ the same time promote being anti-oppression, working to save the People. You can’t do both no matter what you may think. When are We going to stop the madness? Elementary school kids shouldn’t be terrified to walk to school, afraid of being beat up or killed.
Some yrs ago on CNN, there was a show called ‘Chicagoland’. One evening I watched a little girl, around 10 yrs old, crying & pleading for help because of how scared she was to walk to school. She had to cross through this neighborhood where other girls would beat her up, beat up her friends, & even her little sister in the 1st grade every single day. It completely broke my Heart to hear her plea for help because I’m in prison unable to help her, & no one out there was stopping her torment! That’s just INSANITY. No Child should have to live with that kind of fear, especially not in the USA, the Beacon of Democracy, Freedom, & Human Rights!
The trillions of dollars which go to help other nations are good & well, but how come the money can never be found to rebuild, improve, educate, & protect the inner cities here in America?? The budget’s never large enough to accommodate reforming the public education system or renovating torn down areas in “Urban City, USA” without kicking the residents out. Yet billions can be sent to Crimea & other nations; millions can go towards engaging in peace talks in the Middle East & elsewhere. Where are the delegations, think tanks, & budgets for Peace Talks in “the hoods”? Who’s engaged in enforcing cease-fires in Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Atlanta, etc.? Where’s Our diplomatic envoy? If the government won’t do it, then We MUST do it Ourselves!!! That is Community Control.

DOC #1083630

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