Melvin Shaw Jr.


about a few weeks ago I told myself I was going to pay close attention and listen to ever person conversation in the dorm. in out of the 48 ppl that is in here about 36 of them bad mouth each other out of spite, to make there self seem better. I notice that the first thing that comes out of a person mouth is usually something about there self in the beginning of the sentence and at the end of sentence. smh I really wonder how many people on the outside think like this? or I have seen stuff like this for instance a guy that is really quiet person goes to talk to a popular female thtat was bartending at a bar. in mind you its about 10 guys thtat is always in her face , she flirts with everyone that comes to buy a drink that is her job she has to make revenue. but for some reason the guy that walked over to her in had a different approach he came over politely showing her the up most respect! mind you this is not his first time in the bar. he has bought many drinks through gracy in he has been close by the other guys that our obsessed with gracy he used to listen to them talk they as they played pool . so he learned of different things about gracy. some may be false some may be true. but as he asked her how was her night going, she said well gracy asked Tim what would you like to drink he said a shot of patron , he can I buy you one as well she said if you want to. so after they took a few shots in he asked her more questions about her she
self she was intrigue. because she got to express herself of all the things she enjoy. all while this is going on one of the ten guys is furious because gracy is having a good time smiling ear to ear he is wondering what is going on. so he made his way over there right next to Tim . gracy says hi Patrick how are you feeling tonight how can I help you. Tim of course shorten the conversation in said I’ll catch you a bit later in she says OK . as Patrick comes over get his beer he begins to talk! talk of how he just closed a deal at work in how much he has made, gracy kinds of smiles in congratulate him hoping that Tim would come mback over to save the day. Patrick goes on to say I see you were having a good convo with the weird dude Tim I heard all kinds of things about him, he works for amazon in his house just went into foreclosure out in canfield , he goes on to say he is worth less how can you make a career from working at Amazon. gracy don’t really reply with nothing but just says he just bought her a Drink in that was that ,
so you see what I mean most jealous ppl will knock down another person to make there self seem better. most ppl believe the gossip in some may not. them you have the insecure people that spend most of there time assuming this and that then making up lies to ppl say in you said this to them . smh if we all followed the 10 commandments out of the bible things would be great. don’t be a false witness to your neighbor ! but my three main points in this is to don’t always talk about your self when you are speaking to a person let them vent a lil so it can go back in fourth.2nd listen closely ppl like the fact they can express they self. 3rd never be like Patrick always worrying about other people. remember even when you are a quiet guy like Tim people are still watching………

Melvin Shaw
DOC #a624671

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