We’re Only Human, by Rico Comer

There is something that I want people to understand. It is of paramount importance that people be open minded and rid themselves of the notion that all incarcerated people are cold hearted, stone faced, uneducated, morally piss poor, untrustworthy, menacing people who have no heart, who shy away from love, companionship, responsibility, and opportunities to better themselves and their condition.

I believe that one should know for sure that prisons are filled with human beings who came to prison from the same society in which you live, and in most cases, will return to the communities from which they came. That is to say that most people in prison do not have life, for a person to have life in prison is a rarity, and even those who do have life, if they commit themselves to fighting for justice, will not do the rest of their life in prison. I like to say that everyone in society is one mistake away from prison, which is why the prison population is filled with people from all walks of life. This includes pastors, priests, police officers, judges, bankers,corrections officers, doctors and anything else you can think of. I’ve seen em all, so theirs no such thing as what a criminal looks like. One bad decision that can’t be undone will get you here.

I raise this point to say that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Knowing that wed will all more than likely eventually return to society, the lines of communication should be open between free people and incarcerrated people. When you see Men and Women post blogs that may interest you, don’t be afraid to use the information at the end of the post to build a bridge with that person if they spark your interest. You may not necesarrily have dreams of being a prison wife/husband, but how about a friend, just a simple friend, you may encounter a person who has been in prison long enough to lose contact with everyone he/she knows, and just to receive a post card from someone on the outside may change that persons outlook on life. I just think its important that people consider the very true fact that it could be you. No one woke up and said, ” I think I’ll go to jail today”. We need friends, mentors, or someone who just says happy birthday, happy fathers day. You could make a difference. And if you write me, either through the mail, or jpay, you will get a pleasant reply. Just food for thought.

Rico D. Comer #732167
Toledo Ohio Correctional Institution
2001 E. Central Ave.
Toledo, Ohio 43608

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