Dominic Berlingeri Jr.

The Weight of the World, by Dominic Berlingeri Jr.

The weight of the world on my shoulder/
grew up in the streets got rich off movein cola / turned in to a sad situation / young Puerto Rican facing incarceration / In and out of a jail cell putting mom thru hell/ hopein one day she will for give me and understand this what the streets did to me / true story hood nigga street glory/ but the streets ant raise me right end up doin 15 years just to see the light/ time waits for no man/ stop reevaluate you life while you can / change now when you got the upper hand/ family is more important then the street man /lost a lot of loved ones due to my stupidity / couldn’t even be home to raise my daughter baby mom, all she do is shit on me / hate me for all reasons / and I can’t blame her I’m the one that let the streets get the best of me knowing they don’t love me like family do/ so now I sit in a prison cell evaluating all the wrong I’ve done putting stress on my mental / asking for help for mental / but they don’t give none / feels like I’m dead and gone/ no one around to listen so my heart cries out for attention/ did I for get to mention Im dead to the world now / no matter how much money you got / connect still got love for me but i can’t open up shop / put hella niggas on / but its like im dead and gone cause no one shows love did I for get to mention I’m dead and gone lookin down from above / I would say I’m flying around but jail birds don’t fly / I’m 6 feet under ground / 23 hrs a day lock in a cell equivalent to hell./ what would you do 23 hrs a day lock in a jail cell is the real question

Dominic Berlingeri Jr
DOC #583-358

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