John Hudson

by John Hudson

Hello Blog World!

I know it has been quite some time since I’ve posted something and I apologize for my absence. I have been having struggles in trying to find myself and spent so much time in letting people define who I was through their actions and opinions that I was starting to forget who I really was inside. I’ve come to terms that our flaws and imperfection make us unique and make us stand out from others. If we were all meant to be perfect and just the same as everyone else then God would’ve made us that way. Yes we make mistakes, some bigger than others but there’s so much power in forgiveness. You have to tell yourself that its okay. We are only human beings and we mess up sometimes. Its how we learn and grow and progress from our mistakes that truly define our characteristics. If you always do what you always did then you will always get what you always got. Only we can change our path we take on our journey to where we are going and it might sound crazy but we already have a predestined destination, its whether we make the trip there easy or harder. I seem to express myself better through songs and poems so I wanted to leave y’all with this. Its an open expression of how I feel right now.

I gave them my all, when I felt lost not one of y’all called
when I took off every one of y’all stalled
I don’t really understand what y’all on, what y’all want
I can’t live, can’t be free I can’t be here
Gave my sweat gave my tears, gave you all the best of my years
I done gave everything but didn’t gain anything just pain and more sadness
Just broad strokes and blank stares, no details with no canvas
I ain’t living for no love, case dismissed, I don’t need another judge
I done got everything off my chest but there’s one thing left to confess
I’m gonna leave religion for a relationship
Never sell my soul but I will sell my ship
if I fail you all its cuz I failed to help, just know I failed myself
but faith it keeps me from folding
its all I got left I’m left here with no one
I didn’t choose you but you say I’m chosen
and when i feel lost the cross is what I keep hope in
I lost my religion but I found God
finds out I’m better seeing how far
that I come from the darkest of night to the light
irregardless of my many flaws….AMEN
So I ain’t looking for wrong love case dismissed I don’t need another judge
I done got everything off my chest but theres one thing left to confess
They say wash in the River of Jordan will wipe away your sins like it did mine
And the people then they will be equal, cuz there’s too many sinkholes left behind
I am losing my religion I found out I wasnt built for these conditions
but he saved me!!!

Thanks for listening and I send my prayers to those affected directly and indirectly by the Covid-19! Also we must pray for more world peace and less violence. Have a good day!

John M. Hudson
DOC #572-824

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