Travis Smith


Check out Suzie’s book at Amazon books , Inmate Blogger: proving everyday that you cant imprisoned a soul

check out my book , Brooklyn Express Bandit:Where the OxyContin are , at Amazon books , both searchable by title and author

this is me and my nephew jake , who published my book. he’s much bigger than me now , he could toss me around like a rag doll.

check out my writingshere , my story A girl and neptune…this is the story that got me kicked out because tey said i was expressing feelings for a mental health staff lady , because i asked for her opinion about the damn thing. the allen staff lied and said i made the charcter asian with freckles , in the sample story they stole from me – this is not true ,and a deputy warden lady read it and knows it was not so but left me out to hang..
so i created a new freckled character , the stories villain, as a kind of fuck you joke to them…. the actual woman they accused me of writing about was only concerned about her job and i have no hard feelings towar her ,it is the staff who percecuted me i resent. butnothing i can do about , thats life

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