Thank You’s

“Thank you for providing a voice for those of us in prison. Too often we are quieted, and therefore, it seems we are forgotten.” -Roger Black, Jr.

“Thank you so, so much for what you do. This blog has been an outlet for me. Also people see that I am more than my circumstances.” -James Kelly


“I think you are doing a wonderful thing allowing others to share themselves through your blog.” -Eric Bolton

“I always send up a thanks for your voice and thanks for your efforts and energies. You bless the hearts of many inmates and their families. I appreciate all that you do and offer.” -James Dewitt

“I truly appreciate u giving us prisoners a outlet to express ourselves and be heard when in so many ways we are ignored, silenced n forgotten. Thank u once again, we need more people like u.” -Carlos Piper

“i will continue to spread the word of all your actions to help give our spirits strength & add volume to our voices. on behalf of EVERYone who’s been forgotten, remained nameless/faceless, & are only seen as a court docket number…. I THANK U… again! Your doing a *WONDERFUL* thing!” -Wayne Braddy

“I just want to thank you for affordig me this wonderful opportunity to finally be heard. For me, this is absolutely a blessing come true. I truly do appreciate being allowed this platform.” -Timothy Hightower

“Thank you for your time and effort, I appreciate all that you do and I hope your staying safe.” -David Hosley

“i just want to thank you for giving us a voice. especially when everyone else has written us off. what you’re doing with “” has truly been a blessing and i just wanted to let you know that i really appreciate you volunteering/sacrificing your time and energy to this endevour. thank you!” -Donovan Clark

“Hey Suzie: I just received your email. Thank you for reaching out and affording me this opportunity of letting my voice be heard to the outside world. I do not know you, but I greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity.” -Otis Madison

“Inmate Blogger: Proving Every Day That You Can’t Imprison A Soul” by Suzie M. Bosko

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