WOW!!! by Sean Brown

It’s never been like this,
We’ve never had a level of Trust, lust, & Love as intense as this,
We can’t afford to bypass this… Moment,
And not Appreciate the fact that every obstacle which came Our way, We’ve overthrown them.
Yet there’s still Higher Heights to reach,
Think about it… We haven’t even come close to hitting Our Peak;
So much is left for Us to experience Together,
Eternity’s how long We got, ’til death do Us part or We forget Our Forever.
Against all of the odds We’re still going strong,
Still embraci LOVE & still holding on,
Never would’ve thought that I could miss Ur Kiss so much,
Or that I would feel so right simply from a mere touch.
It’s never felt as strong as this,
I’ve never felt a longing like this;
Needing You, Wanting You beyond a tryst,
Because admittedly when I’m without You, I’m floating adrift.
Just going with the flow wherever the current takes Me,
Feening for a Gourmet Donut not wanting to settle for day old pastries.
We’re the Dream Team Baby Love, it’s time to take the Game over,
The Superstar + the Man of GOD= a Supernova!

DOC #1083630

Categories: poems, Sean Brown

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