Marvin Parker

“Nottoway” True Story involving real people, by Marvin Parker

Peace to the free world.

This is just a memo from a someone that is being held against his will at a correctional facility called, “Nottoway.” Thaey refuse to get central air so the only air that we a provided come from our fans that they allow us to purchase from commissary. But a couple days ago the power went out due to some type of failure on their behalf. They told us, “to go in our cells and lockdown until the power gets fixed.” Remind you they don’t have central air now we don’t even have our fans to keep us cool, and escape temptures that can reac up to 90 dgrees plus in those cells, so we choose our lives and refuses to lockdown under htose condition, and they look at us as we are the bad guys for choosing to live. They wanted us to do something they wouldn’t do and our punishment for that was higher level they shift 22 people to Red Onion and have numberous more placed in seg. For wanting to be treated like humans. We were not disruptive at all nor were we making demands for anything outrageous, we just did not want to be place in a cell “THAT WAS NOT SAFE TO LIVE, NOTTOWAY.”

Marvin Parker
DOC #1195029

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