Marvin Burrage


PAGE #26

I gave everything to them,I slept on the block just to have and give,but years later she would tell me she wasn’t ready for all that I was doing for her,because know man have ever gave her nothing,now she say where is all that now?you had it and you fucked it off,then you turn my daughter against me by telling her all kinds of lies,and she wouldn’t even bring her to see me or let my mom come get her I tryed to show her that I loved the kids because every time she said they needed something it would be sent to them,but she say she sorry she kept my daughter from me but it was to late because the damage was done,I love my daughter and I love JESSICA AND BOO and I say I have three kids,but she used the kids against me for her selfish needs,she admitted to doing dope,fucking my brother’s,stealing money and dope from me,which I never understood because I spent it on her,she never sent me a dime since I been in jail,…..
GOD is good,I learned who he was since I been jail,because back then I couldn’t even spell HOLY BIBLE,I spelled it HOLLY BIBBLE,GOD put this woman in my life a year after I been in jail and I’ve learned so much,because she worked with me,she gave me a chance and I started to live life as a man,any time my kids wanted something she sent it no matter what it was,I wanted to see my daughter one winter I told her to drive my moms to Youngstown to get her she tryed but it was a blizzard, she brought me back from death because I gave up behind what my own brothers did to me out of jealousy and what my wife had done to me,then my grandma died,I was in jail with all my brother’s,but I was by myself,this woman pushed me to do better,I even got my high school diploma, I’ve done everything I could to better myself,what I did was wrong because I’ve hurt a lot of people,but I blame it all on how I was raised, I done so much wrong in my life I thought it was right,that’s what happen there are no positive people in your life,this woman has been there for me for the first year to the next twenty nine years,you loose a lot by being in jail,I lost my grandma,brother, two best friends,aunti,cousin,now I just lost my father and I only met him once,its easy to get in trouble, but its hard as hell to get out of,I believe if I wouldn’t of came to jail I would of been died,so the LORD saved me by putting me in jail and I know this might come as a shock but I have been blessed to be in jail,because I have met so many positive people since I been in jail and these people are my support system, I wish I could named them but I don’t want people calling them,but anyway I am a changed man and every day I have to put work in because every day is a struggle and I am thankful to those that have been with me on this journey, also I know who have been calling my name it was GOD so I gave my life to him,my life have been a rollercoaster and I know now,”that actually you don’t lose in life,you learn”. this is the story of my life..

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