A NEW HOPE, by Sean Brown

I know what it’s like to be consumed by hopelessness with despair as a constant companion;
Being in Love with Pain because it seems that’s all Life is.
I understand why Metallica sang,”When U look @ the light @ the end of the tunnel, it’s just a freight train coming Ur way;”
Nothing ever seems to go right & all things that go rift end up being destroyed;
It’s the whispers of the Enemy that invade Our sensibilities, causing Us to believe that We’re worthless;
That truly We’re good-for-nothing, when the Truth is that We’re GOD’s Children;
Each & every one of Us;
And so We’re worth more than opinions & material wealth can substantiate.
The Adversary isn’t stronger than the HOLY SPIRIT, & his lies can’t override CHRIST’s LOVE;
He only wins when We listen & allow his manipulations to influence Us.
Satan will tap into Our deepest, darkest thoughts & desires;
He’ll twist them into a form so enticing, it’s more attractive than We ever thought.
That’s where CHRIST comes in at;
CHRIST sheds Light on those deceiving thoughts & feelings taking shape within Our Souls;
Illuminating the shadows & showing them for what they really are.
Giving Our lives over to GOD, allowing HIS Divine Will to supersede the weak human will,
Is a process requiring a daily commitment to letting HIM use Us according to HIS Will!

DOC #1083630

Categories: hope, Sean Brown

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