racism & equality

Black lives Matter? by Samuel Jones Jr.

when a white officer kills a black man,we holla,black lives matter.But when a black man kills another black man ,does black lives really matter?When a white cop kills a black man,we holla,black lives matter.But,if black lives matter to the black man,why do they kill each other,senior citizens and innocent kids?When many of our young black kids getting killed every year,when shots are fired during a drive by,mothers fear!If black lives matter,our black men need to let the guns fall from their hands and replace it with the Bible because with God,all lives matter.I am not saying that a white man killing a black man is not wrong,I am saying that we need to forgive,heal and focus on the Word of God and going into prayer.All lives matter because in God,we are created equal!White,black or brown,we are one.If black lives matter,why are we not teaching our kids that racism is wrong and that the Word of God teaches that we are to love everyone?We are not to be segregated,we are created to be one nation under God.Yes,black lives matter,but so does white and brown lives matter.When I enlisted in the military,I did not take an oath to protect black lives,I took an oath to protect this country,the American People,black,white,brown ‘Hispanic and Asians !So to me,in my heart and according to the Word of my God,all lives matter!

Samuel Jones Jr. #350216
1630 Prison Rd.
Cotton port,LA 71327.

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