THE PERFECT NIGHT, by Richard Moore

My heart longs the day of rest
This burden that its strength doth test
Weighted down in years of care
A burden much too much to bear

Trudging forward, moving along
Days go by moving on and on
Ever with me you are so near
Ever that whisper in my ear

‘Til time reaches end it seems
You’re even with me in my dreams
I just can’t seem to get away
You’re always there both night and day

I wish the day we met a lie
Never come true, never come nigh
Never remembered, never forgot
I wish that that day were not

Hurry come hither day of the end
My sad aching heart just won’t mend
Bring the peace I o want to see
And let me lie in perfect sleep

‘Ere Dreams don’t wander, tears don’t touch
And one cannot feel the pains of love
Nary a trouble there is reaped
Nary a tear the eye doth weep

Nary a lie to beak my heart
Nart a lie to tear me apart
Perfect place of perfect quiet
Perfect place of perfect night.

Richard Moore
DOC #a470020
Toledo C.I.

Categories: poems, Richard Moore

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