Dominic Berlingeri Jr.

A Look in to my Thoughts on Reform Justice, by Dominic Berlingeri Jr.

Hey hope all is well with everyone in the free world ,with all that’s going on I hope everyone is being safe out there .
So many things go thru my mind every day just hope and praying that everyone in the world is safe and that one day Reform Justice is not just a word its really reformed in many ways like police will stop killing blacks and browns, (R.I.H) to all the ones who have lost there life’s in the hands of the police ,who should be here to protect and serve but yet there killing us. you see I may not be a black man but I’m Puerto Rican and the system treats us the same unequal and its unjust. Here is a perfect example .
I’m doing 15 years in prison for Aggravated Robbery this case I was involved in happen back in 2009 in Cleveland Ohio now there was 7
co defendants 4 white 3 of us were Puerto Rican now 1 white co defendant got off with probation. 3 white co defendants got 6 years and 1 white co defendant that the courts stated was the master mind behind the robbery went home on judicial release now that leaves the 3 Puerto Ricans (3) brown men stuck doing the time like they committed the crime alone now me I’ve filed judicial (3) times and the justice system is so corrupt not even following law that they have not answered my judicial motions also I’ve been played by 3 attorneys one attorney took $2,000 to file my judicial but done nothing so I found another lawyer that took $1,000 to file my judicial and again done nothing I’ve filed my judicial pro se
meaning myself and not to mention these 2 attorneys don’t answer when I try and call don’t return calls when I have some one leave a voice mail and they don’t respond when I write them via us post mail. and I have had my papers stamped by a notary . so all around the justice system is corrupt even attorneys they just take your money and because im in prison they don’t respond now that’s the same reason I’m in prison robbery don’t you think that’s robbery ? if they took my money to file a judicial but yet they done nothing ? Im not proud of the crime I committed I was young and dum and I’ve been locked up 12 years so far and have had a lot of time to grow and change my thought process I have over 75 programs In . The main reason I’m asking for a judicial is the saddest, its so I can get home to my 12 year old daughter that the old me the young dummy left her when she was only 6 months old so I’m trying to get home and build a relationship with my faterless daughter I’m only to blame no one but me but I’ve made changes , changes that the justice system don’t wish to acknowledge
but the justice system don’t mind acknowledging the wrongs some one has done so were is the justice? when will they reform justice in all? Im not trying to sound selfish so please don’t take it that way its just a few things that’s on my mind and I truly would like to hear feed back from others no matter your point of view . you can think or say like dude you did the crime so do the time because truthfully I think that way .I was man enough to do the crime so I’m man enough to do my time., but remember I’m talking about unjustice here and I want to hear what you all have to say feel free to contact me on the subject email me
Dominic Berlingeri Jr A583-358 or
2001E. Central Ave
Toledo Ohio 43608
I’m open to hear your side .
thank you for take time to read what’s going thru my mind being able to write helps me deal with my PTSD and depression and paranoia so I truly thank you for reading this. Blessing to you all in the free world please stay safe and remember change is possible im living proof. I hope we see change in the world soon. take care
Dominic Berlingeri Jr #583-358
AKA: Pito
The warrior is not someone who fights for no one has the right to take another’s life . The warrior for us is the one who sacrifices himself for the good of others, His task is to take care of the elderly the defenenseless those who cannot provide for them self and above all the children the future of humanity .


Dominic Berlingeri Jr
DOC #583-358
Toledo C.I

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