James Kelly

WHEN THE WORLD WENT CRAZY, by Difference (Aka:James Kelly)

I want to start by saying ”God bless the dead” R.I.P. George Floyd.
My heart and prayers go out to your family. I know that this mans life was taken in a senseless and brutal way. However this man did not die in vain.
It was for more than the catalyst for riots, and “I can’t breathe”. This is the beginning of change and reform. Unless you have ever had the police stand on your neck when you can’t brethe, were already in cuffs, not resisting, and just under arrest or being detained. Then its hard to empathize.
While not losing my life, only being assaulted by the cops in Spokane and Kootenai County. I’ve been through this. It makes you feel almost ”molested”, as this is an assault by someone who is supposed to protect and be fair.
”An officer of the law is guilty of assault and battery if they use excessive, or unnecessary force”. Nobody has ever even had a complaint against them, and I’ve been assaulted myself by the cops several times.
I’m currently serving 15 years in Idaho the ”no tolerance state”. For a crime that equates to a misdemeanor assault. Proportionality to offense is not even close. Nobody was hurt or harmed in any way. I don’t think criminal history should cary that much weight.
The cops that committed this MURDER! Will still probaby get less time than me. And the only reason they are on the hot seat is because it was recoded and the riots.
Also what about the cops that watched this take place? Even skipping your job as law enforcement, what about being a human being? I can’t lie I’m a thug and a convict. But cop, no cop. I wouldn’t stand by and watch ANYONE!!! Get murdered.
My name is James Douglas. As I write this I’m spending 23 hrs a day stuck in a dayroom in prison. Where its 90% humidity and 90°. I’m being forced to stay in close proximity to 100 inmates. And could die of covid.
So this is 2020 when ”THE WORLD WENT CRAZY!”
That’s all I’ve got.

James Kelly
DOC #59979

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