Raymond Chen

I Hate You, by Raymond Chen

When I look at you, I have already hated you.
For failure to bring honor and joy around you, I hate you.
Unable to maintain a stable life and be normal, I hate you.
To be born in poverty and unable to crawl out, I hate you.
Always being picked on and unable to satisfy everyone around you, I hate you.
You had once brought fame to my family, but now replaced with shame, I hate you.
You had once been successful with an engineer job, well paid with a future to look forward to…
but now you may be in jail forever, I hate you.
You have a family who rely on your success to survive, but now they waste their resources to try
to free you, I hate you.
You had students who worshiped your creations, but now they want your life locked away in the
ultimate abyss, I hate you.
You had friends who you try so hard to please, now they all felt shame knowing you, I hate you.
Once you had promised your dad, you would take care of him, but you are now unable to help
your dad, I hate you.
Once you wanted to buy your mom a Lexus, which she wanted so much, but now you have lost
everything, I hate you.
Once you tried to bring your brother into a new way of life with a job so well paid, but you have
failed, I hate you.
There is no more love I have, in you, all I see is failure, why try to hard to please everyone when
you will ultimately fail?
For now, I can only look at my own reflection inside a mirror and say I hate you.

Raymond Chen
EEZ289 #18015160
Elmwood Complex
701 S. Abel St.
Milpitas, CA 95035

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