Ellis Reed

Feeling Lonely, by ELLIS REED

It feels as each day that goes by it gets harder and more lonley. It feels good to talk to people outside these walls .I know I hurt people by being in here such as my daughter ,she lost her mom and I promised her I’d never leave her, But I did just what I promised Ja’Niah ( my daughter ) I would not do. So by hurting her my family and friends are helping take care of her.It really bothers me more and more each day ,Being its not much to do in here I sit here and think about her.But at least one good thing came out of this.I got a divorce ! My daughter never liked her so I don’t have to deal with that when I come home .My earliest date is July or Aug. of next year and my latest date is Oct. 2022. I talk to my daughter every day and I can tell it hurts her I’m here but I wish I had a way to make it easier on US .I don’t know what else I can do .I tell her I’m sorry everyday. She’s only 9 years old .Will be 10 the 23rd of this month.I try to think of ways to make it easier on her but can’t come up with much ,If any one has ANY suggestions please let me know.I try to stay busy by walking , working out and watching TV It helps for a little while .I just miss her so much.!!!!!

looking for people to talk to .It gets lonley in here.I’m in State farm Correctional Center.

DOC #1059062

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