Inmate Blogger Needs Your Help

Dear Readers, is an email service specifically for inmates, I use this service to reach out to inmates to offer them this opportunity to write here on Inmate Blogger. What some readers may not know is that each individual email that I send out costs a stamp.

Every state has different price packages for JPay stamps. Here are some:

Virginia – 40 stamps costs $9.95
Louisiana – 66 stamps costs $15.00
Florida – 77 stamps costs $25.00
New York – 100 stamps costs $23.00
New Jersey – 20 stamps costs $8.00
Minnesota – 50 stamps costs $20.00
Georgia – 50 stamps costs $17.50
Ohio – 60 stamps costs $12.00
California – 80 stamps costs $18.00
Michigan – 110 stamps costs $20.00
Kansas – 40 stamps costs $14.00
Idaho – 60 stamps costs $10.00

It is hard for me to reach out and ask for help, but I am asking for help right now.

If any of you might be able to help out by making a donation towards the purchase of JPay stamps, that would be so wonderful. Your kindness is appreciated not just by me, but by all the inmates who are given this opportunity to blog.

Thank you.

Suzie Bosko
Manager of Inmate Blogger


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