The Pandemic, the Epidemic and a whole lot of gimmicks…” by Marquette Boone

If COVID-19 is all that you’ve seen
while you were in quarantine, you need more than a vaccine!
The windows of the world is no dream, if you’ve seen what I’ve seen;
this country is busting at the seams.

Social-distance been around before my existence
and nothing new to the Red, White & Blue,
separating me from you, by you know who,
going back to 1492.

While at a distance, I wasn’t missing
the social unrest, and protest.
This is an American pest, full of duress,
and it’s about time to put the old Confederates to rest.

With all the gimmicks, Trump still mimics the host he used to be.
What’s really a disgrace is his Base,
who refuse to see his true face.

Yet Trump talks from his rump,
making Pence tense and full of suspense while
the health experts wince, as the U.S flinch,
and the rest of the world tries to make some sense.

An unknown Pandemic revealing Racial Epidemics expanding and
known worldwide;
Both steal more lives than Bonnie & Clyde,
broadening the racial divide.

So it’s not surprising, temps were rising
infecting the occupier’s of the White House to.
they continue to divide, while you’re inside,
spinning a story for you.

Both pests a mess,
it’s no joke, or a hokes,
this virus is killing folks!

While the confirmed cases climb we hope it decline,
we simply can’t press rewind.
Somebody tell Governor DeWine, it’s time to cut the cord that bind,
and reduce some prison time.

So while at a distance,
I see the resistance, that’s truly consistant,
by those ignoring social change.
Now is the time, so don’t get left behind,
this is a new era of time.

Defund the police, to say the least,
because there is no public trust!
The impunity of ‘qualified immunity’ is just bad for the community,
and really a big fat bust!

Reallocate funds, demilitarized the police,
and be better than we used to be.
Chart a new course with no excessive force,
recreating officer friendly.

Silence is compliance, denials are even worst;
and it’s hard to keep a straight face.
So why spin, spin, spin, when nobody wins
let’s find a common place.

So reflect on the quotes, Jesse wrote,
shouting: I AM SOMEBODY!
It’s a history lesson, that we can’t shatter,
when you hear Black Lives Matter.

With the White House is occupied by those who lied,
and it’s every state for itself.
The commander in chief is really a thief, looking out only for himself.

A new deadly pandemic,
old racial epidemics, and police brutality exposed.
By November national leadership will to be deposed!

Make the American Dream, much more than a scheme,
not limited to just a few.
Help build wealth, so it can be felt, by me and you,
helping the formerly incarcerated too.

It became so clear,
COVID wouldn’t “magically disappear,”
by labeling facts, fake news.
And to make things worst, unsafe and unfair,
Trump wants to eliminate Obamacare.

So spin the story, spin it one more time…
keep the spin Doctor’s on your mind!

“HEY! What you got to loose? Inject a little bleach, take some unproven meds, can somebody say HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE!”
Trump wanna win, with more spin, spin, spin;
claiming to Make America Great Again…”

The sad part is, when the medical experts gave in,
and became Trump sycophants.
One for the money,
two for the show all for a corrupt President.

Rile up the base, protect racist monuments,
and contradict your appointed experts.
Keep Pence tense,
The splatter of the White House chatter,
is overheard by the chants of BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Now you know, the pandemic can grow,
much like the protest and civil unrest.
Face the facts, get on the right track,
by removing symbol of hate.
It’s never too late,
to change our fate, that would make America great.

So to the Powers that be,
don’t run and flee,
just stand up and remove your knee.
Slow the race to incarcerate and let the beyond guilt go free!

So, If COVID-19 is all that you’ve seen
while you were in quarantine, you need more than a vaccine!

Wanna make America great? Stop the hate!

Marquette Books
DOC #370-565

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