PAUSE, by Sean Brown

Most of My Life I’ve been Mentally chained, & I spent over half My Life so far in physical incarceration.
Now, how the f___ am I supposed to deal with this realization?
It’s a hard pill to swallow, looking in the Mirror & seeing what You never suspected You’d be facing;
Reflection’s necessary, yet it can be a daunting situation.
Struggle brings Strength though & Discipline breeds Focus,
Plus all of the required elements to succeed, evolve, & grow with.
Taking notice of Self’s vices & virtues under the Sun,
Putting together the best game plan in order to ensure I overcome.
This is My duty, but it’s hectic handling the chaos I’ve created,
Thinking I’m pursuing Freedom while the whole time My actions leave Me decapitated.
What’s Real & what’s fake; what’s false & what’s True?
It turns out I need to scrap My strategy & change these worn out shoes,
Pl My starting five & insert the substitutes,
Wrap My Mind around the fact that I gotta let go of the past while @ the same time still maintain My Roots.

DOC #1083630

Categories: poems, Sean Brown

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