Jason Flannery

Do All Lives Matter in America? by Jason Flannery

Is it just me or did anyone else never believe they would ever see a day where simply saying All lives Matter would be seen by some as a bad thing? Well, that day has come.
Seeing all the unrest in our country is not all that surprising to me. Seeing a movement condemn people for saying All Lives Matter is however.
It seems to me people are completely overshadowing the fact that police kill white people too. My cousin, a white man, was shot in the back and killed by a black police officer as he was running away with no weapon, and no one ever said a word about it. I understand that the numbers may be disproportionate due to the percentage of blacks in America, but nonetheless cops kill white people too.
In some ways I believe it is a class issue more than a race one. Growing up as a poor white kid in a predominantly black neighborhood I was never treated any better by the police. White privelige, what the hell is that? I never witnessed it have any bearing on my life. Now if you put the word Rich in front of white privilege maybe I could believe it exists, but ask any poor white kid if it exists and if they’re honest they will say they’ve never seen it.
So, I wonder, do all lives really matter? It seems to me that if you are a white man than No your life does not matter except to those who love and care about you personally.
What about all those white protestors who are out there side by side with the blacks? Does their lives matter? According to the Black lives Matter movement you can’t even say All lives matter so how could the lives of the white protestors matter?
I understand people will say this isn’t about everyone else this is about black lives only, but couldn’t that be part of the problem? I just can’t see how you can tell a white person who is out there protesting with you that they can’t say their life matters and expect them to support your cause.
I’m curious to see if anyone out there feels the same way about this issue?
Please feel free to contact me and share your view.

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