Marcellus Henry

Why Blackman, by Marcellus Henry

why Blackman can’t you see it’s not about you and me red or blue it’s about protecting our community so our kids can be so the white man will leave us be… why Blackman can’t you see that they love when I kill you and you kill me or when I hate you and you hate me can’t you see they don’t want us to be… why Blackman when our people protest we must destroy our black businesses in our communities… why must we call one other the N word, why must we disrespect our black women by calling them bitches and hoes don’t you see the white man has done that for years… why can’t we take care of our women and children Blackman but yet leave them be to ask the white man for help don’t you see… why Blackman our we scared to vote or don’t vote to put a man or woman of color in power and just maybe we can be… Don’t you know they are dividing you and me don’t you see they have declared war on you and me… why Blackman must we shoot and kill each other don’t you see they love to put us all over the TV… so Blackman let’s put our pride to the side and show the white man and the world how strong together we can be.

Marcellus Henry
DOC #606-018

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