Anthony Simmons


Many prisoners in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections are keepin an eye on the Governors office as he strives to reopen the State and return to the Business that was on the table Prior to this COVID Pandemic. We are stuck in Limbo on what the hell is going to happen with the ineffective Ohio Criminal Justice System and it’s antiquated Policies. Not only have they failed to deliver Safety or Justice but they are the foundation of these Stuffed and Dangerous Prisons. Senate bill 3 which needs passing and it will address some of the issues but still leave prisoners like me who has spent 30+ years in here without a sliver of light to begin to walk toward. Senate bill 3, is just a beginning. With the present Federal and State Demands on their Budgets, Now is the time for state representatives to chime in on their power to make a justified contribution to the state staying afloat in these troublesome times.
This is a legitimate case for reducing Ohio’s exploitation of A Bloated Prison population, which has been operating at 135% of its capacity for far too many years, mainly due to the Parole Board refusing to make way for a new era of prison management. All 5000+ of the old law may not justify release some due have heinous crimes, some have come off death row, some were sentenced to life without the possibility, but all of us don’t fall in these guidelines and should be given a chance to contribute something to society in this time when we could all be healing together. COVID has provided a magnified view of the deathtraps we are all living in. SOCIAL DISTANCING is not working within this razor. In fact, it is impossible. ODRC is the real HOT SPOT in the state of Ohio. Even before this Pandemic these Prison were already Dangerously overcrowded. Ohio desperately need changes in the way they catch and release human beings. Put a better Gatekeeper Law on the books to stop this blowout. Ohio Criminal Justice needs a Mercy Rule added to the books. Even the Elam ending has improved that unnecessary overtime in basketball, how come the Justice System don’t recognize to humanity in this. How many of us here are misdiagnosed as criminals when we were really suffering from a disease called ADDICTION.. We would otherwise been able to keep our Morals in Check and stay out the Penitentiary. Toretts language is an instantaneously forgiveable offense, even in public no matter how morally low the vocabulary. Everyone know, it is a disease. It’s crazy for us to continue to apply these failing rules to an ongoing health problem. Some of us old law experts are the patiently waiting FACILITATORS who can spearhead an elimination of Crime and Addiction in our Communities. So you see, we are not the problem, we are the solution. Releasing 1st time violent offenders along with passing Senate Bill 3 will not only keep 3,000 people out of prison a year but it would save the state over 150 million dollars a year in housing and medical cost for these aged men. Someone has to be smarter, before COVID and these overcrowded Prisons BANKRUPT our State. All Ohioans including prisoners, have a role to play in the economic recovery, so don’t undermine the role of the experts in these prisons to make a contribution. FELONS have a tough road ahead of us and some do not even care anymore if they get out or not because their freedoms are now greater in Prison than they are or would be if you released them. That is why a Transition agenda need to be established for those leaving prison that will utilize the experts talents to benefit and add to the revenue generated by state agencies already operating within these Prison Communities.(OPI). I believe our Legislators and Reps. are trying but let’s not ignore those pacaderms in the room alongside them, who are just as passionate for solutions as you are. Ohio is on the threshold of great economic uncertainty. The safety of all our communities are not better because of the 60-80 year old experts you are keeping locked away. Senate bill 3 is the first brick in paving the way out of these difficult times by moving us away from our dangerous , unnecessary and expensive over-reliance on incarceration. The new-normal is got to be about public safety and improved public health along with good fiscal stewardship and a genuine commitment to expanding opportunities for everyone.
this blog was motivaved by the words of Shakyra Diaz
Ohio State Director of Alliance for safety and Justice.

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