GPS, by Sean Brown

I’m giving YOU the Keys to take the wheel & drive.
Right now I’m perfectly fine with sitting in the passenger seat on the Ride.
We both know that I’m not ready, no matter what the license says.
Free Will to go where I want, but the Path’s already set,
And if I drive I’m going to end up breaking the speed limit,
Taking wrong turns, or crash trying to be slick.
I’m not the type to ask for directions when I’m lost,
I’ll be too stubborn to listen, trying to prove I’m the boss.
We both know where We’re headed, but YOU know the best way to get there.
The best thing I can do is make sure I stay Aware,
Watching all the roads YOU take & how YOU manage in the Rain,
Learning from YOUR Steady Calm which doesn’t allow the car to hydroplane.
YOU know how to maneuver on the Dark Roads when I can’t see any lights on.
YOU keep the Mission going through the heaviest of Snow Storms.
While I’m paying attention, I’m also working on My faults,
Offering My personality on the Altar so YOU can burn away the dross.
Exterminate the vices as I purify My Thoughts,
To submit My will to YOURS is what this Trip costs.
Make My Heart the Holy Altar where I sacrifice My wants.
Love exorcises ghosts so that the Past no longer haunts.
When I’m strong enough to take over, I know YOU’LL gladly let Me drive,
In the meantime I’m getting prepared for when that Day arrives.
There are plenty of challenges left to face & I’ll be ready for them.
YOU’VE taken this Car, which is My Life, & fine-tuned the engine.
When it’s My turn to take the Wheel I’ve got something better than On-Star,
With YOU, I’ve got My own personal guiding North Star.

DOC #1083630

Categories: poems, Sean Brown

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