Donovan Clark


Over the past few weeks we have seen protests take place in numerous cities in the name of social justice. There’s no doubt that racial descrimination exists. There’s no doubt that sexism and agism is alive and well in our “modern” society. But all of these are effects of a very destructive cause: hatred.
It’s the hatred and anger people have in their hearts, for whatever reason, that underlies discriminatory and bigoted actions. It’s the hatred and anger people harbor that’s the root of every violent act. If we can identify the cause, then we can determine a better outcome.
What good is marching and protesting (still) asking for equality, when it is the ones who have hatred in their hearts that make the prejudicial policies/laws that need to be removed from office. Not some inanimate objects such as statues that hold no administrative capacity at all!
Removing plaques, monuments, and names of perceived “racist” historical individuals is futile if the ideology those statues, plaques, and monuments represent is still being practiced by some of our elected government officials.
Which brings me to the racist documents called the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Neither one was drafted and signed with any regard to a single person of African decent. How could they, when in 1776 and 1787 no one of African decent was even considered to be human? We weren’t even considered citizens until the ratification of the Constitution with the 14th Amendment, due to the Dred Scott ruling, in 1868.
In order for there to be true equality and true justice in the land, the Constitution has to be rewritten to reflect the ethnic, cultural, and social diversity of the country. Then the people have to elect as their representatives those qualified and competent individuals from among themselves that embody the very principles that the people stand for.
This is what the Black Panther Political Party of the 1960s and 1970s meant when they chanted, “Power to the people!” When a society in grounded in love, truth, and justice there is little tolerance for hatred, deception, and mistreatment of it’s citizens because in said society ALL LIVES MATTER!

HOTEP (Peace)

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