by Jason Mackerchar

So I am about to step out of these gates.. Testing positive for corona virus is not good but im feeling OK.
To my readers just so you know I’m gonna be one of the ones who make it. I only have eleven months on parole. I have been crying off and on because I am.leaving a place I called my home for so many years..
I look up and tears come eyes.. Not sure why.. I’m leaving the people I have known for many years.. They will have a place in my heart.. Its my time. I need this. I have a very amazing support system. Some old and Staying away from toxic will be a major ticket to make it. I am going shopping and hoping to get things I need.. For everyone who thought I wouldn’t make it out alive.. What’s up I made it.. lol..
I wish you all the best.. Keep breathing and make it through this pandemic..
All lives matter.

Jason Mackerchar
DOC #77009

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