James Kirby

My Love, by James Kirby

Sittin In This Jail Cell Ready To Burst Into Tears
Just Got A Letter And The Convo Wasn’t What I Wanted To Hear
My Shorty Tired Of This Nonsense And Just Can’t Do It No More
Im Really In My Feelings And Now My Hearts In Pieces And Torn
Damn Not My Love My Soulmate My Baby
Told Her To Give Me One More Chance No If Ands Or Buts No Maybes
She Said She Loves Me And Still Calls Me Her Baby
But I’m Ready To Just Give Up And Start Goin Crazy
She Was Truly All I Had And Nothins Goin Right Here Lately
I Was Really In Love And Ready To Give Her My All
Seen Her Facebook The Other Day And Seen The Post On Her Wall
Yea Its Real Deep Its Over Its Facebook Official
Ready To Commit Suicide Just Need A Knife Or A Pistol
I Know There’s More Girls Out And Maybe Another Chance At Love
But Our Love Was True And Pure Our Keys Fit Together Real Nice Like A Glove
I’m Talking About Each Others Keys To Our Hearts You Ever Had One Of Those
She Was My Bestfriend My Everything Even Chilled With Me And The Bros
She Wasn’t Like These Other Girls Not Like None Of These Hoes
She Ready To Give Up And Pack Up Everything And Go
I Wish Things Were Back How They Used To Be And We Was Back On The Streets
And Walk Past The Spot Where Me You And Jen Had To Meet
That Day I Fell In Love With A Beautiful Bright Smiled Girl
Who Took My Heart With Just A Simple Wink And A Twirl
Now I’m Sitting In My Jail Cell My Mind Going Crazy
That I’ll Get 1 More Shot To Make You My Baby…

James Kirby
DOC #A724092

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