Otis Madison


I used to try to tell myself that people don’t/won’t understand what it’s like to be a prisoner; locked away from your loved ones, stripped of your independence, detached from society, and treated as if you were a roach visiting a five star restaurant. BUT, rationality always kicked in causing me to realize that I couldn’t have been any further away from the truth.
Personally; I see the word PRISON as – An institution used to indoctrinate. I see the word PRISONER as – A person instructed to the doctrine of the system. Therefore; prison is an institution used to indoctrinate a person to the system.
The same system that stumbled upon America; given sympathy by the Native peoples whom helped it survive; befriended the Native people; waged war against the Native people; strategized a peace meeting, beheaded the leaders of the Native people, kicked their heads around for fun, and made a holiday(Thanksgiving) and a sport(kickball) out of it; forced the Native people from their homelands; built an economic empire on the Native people lands; and told the Native people that they weren’t civilized enough to be recognized or given shares of the economic rewards their land provided.
The same system that told Africans, “you are smart and crafty enough to cultivate these lands so they’ll produce the necessary crops needed to sustain human life; you are strong enough to take these ass whoopings, provide free labor, and complete construction to establish my prospective Nation. BUT, you aren’t human enough to be given the same rights and protections of a natural person; let alone deserve credit for all/any of your accomplishments.”
The same system that told African women, “your beauty is most desirable; I trust you to look after my home and care for my family; my wife isn’t satisfying me, but you’re strong enough to take these whoopings and this whit cock to fill the void; birth my rape-created children and produce workers to tend to my fields; you are smart enough to keep the nigger boys in line and obey my command. BUT, I will never love or respect you because you aren’t human and you don’t deserve it.”
The same system that told European women, “you are beautiful; human enough to be accepted and acknowledged in public; I can: love, share my life, create a family and confide in you. BUT, I don’t trust or respect you enough to give you the same rights and opportunities that I have because you aren’t worthy of equality or independence.”
The same system that told those of the L.G.B.T.Q. community, “GOD created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve; you are an abomination and disgrace to mankind, and you will never be accepted by society!”
The same system that says, “I was founded and built by immigrants. BUT, you are a: terrorist, rapist, murderer, drug dealer, prostitute or criminal if you weren’t born here or of European decent; and I will build walls and put political systems in place to keep you away from me!”
The motto of the system is, “In GOD We Trust!”. That can’t apply to the Justice system and the prisoners who are victims to it; due to the fact that, first of all, there is nothing ‘JUST’ about a system that, knowingly, convicts innocent people. Then there’s the talk about parole for the nonviolent prisoners. Imagine how “In GOD We Trust!” sounds to the convicted robber once he reads Romans 6:23 or Romans 3:23, oh especially; when he reads 1John 3:15 and think about the revengeful sentence that he was given as Justice. Or how these 16 or 18 year olds feel when they are given these non-factor life sentences(enough time that surpasses life’s expectancy) because there is no place or hope for them in society.
The ‘system’ being the most powerful and contradictious system on earth, to which, nearly, all of our ancestors were prisoners to and fought(still fighting) to be recognized by.
Rodney King and Eric Gardner, beaten and choked to death by authorities who yelled, “Stop Resisting!” as life passed from their bodies, were both “free” prisoners. BUT, luckily, there were other “free” prisoners with the needed tools to show and prove those grave injustices; tools that incarcerated do not have to show and prove theirs.
If you ask one of your elder relatives what life was like for them, you may come to see that the real difference between a free person and a prisoner is; as a free person you have way to ignore/ be blind to the system or use tools available to fight it, and as a prisoner you are subjected to complete control by the system and must endure all the authoritive abuse that comes with it because there’s no way to escape, ignore or fight it.
Take all the abuse, hatred, restrictions, and pain that the people in america has fought through; add it all up with no escape and you’ll get, “The Life of a Prisoner”. Or you can go live with someone who hates you; be forced to do whatever they say; eat food they feed you that’ll keep you alive and kill you at the same time, or just starv to death to get it over with; kill yourself or give them the satisfaction of killing you; and you re-live this over and over again until GOD says otherwise.
Or you can be a black male bird watcher in the park, encounter a white woman walking an untrained dog, and ask her to put a leash on it.
Aww. Hell, simply be a black boy or black man when encountered by a white police officer, and see that you either make it through the struggle or you die trying to make it through the struggle.

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