racism & equality

Black Lives Matter! by Samuel Jones Jr.

I have a different opion about that statement.You see,God created all things! He created everyone equal.So to me,a christian,all lives matter.With a country that’s being divided by rascism and hatetred,it would be so easy for the enemy of our country to destroy us not to mention the covoid-19 virus that’s attacking our country.A white cop kills a black man,people protest.But when a black man kills another black person,there is no protest for justice.Don’t misunderstand me all criminal activities are wrong and should be dealt with accordingly,but that should go both ways and not be partial.This world is more focused on rascism and coviod 19 virus and not focused on God!My heart goes out to the victims rascism and hate crime,but we have to focus on God because the real enemy we are fighting,does not have a face! In other words we are in a spiritual warfare.This is a war where we can not fight this enemy in the flesh,we have to fight him in the spirit on our knees!Our country needs to come together as one nation under God,meaning we need a president that is a believer in Christ to call out to God for wisdom and understanding to lead this nation! In the bible,when God asked Solomon what he wanted,he requested knowledge and wisdom to lead Gods people! We as nation need to forgive,heal,and come together as one.Black lives matters,white lives matter and Hispanic lives matter!ALL LIVES MATTER! The enemy the devil is active and we as a nation need to be more active. This nation is divided and a nation that is divided can not stand and would be easy for the enemy to conquer America. We need to become one body.You don’t see rascism in other countries against their own race no matter what color their skin is.We are under attack by the devil and he does not have any particular weapons.He will use racism,he will use covid-19 and he will use hate crimes.But we must recognize these weapons.But the word of God says no weapon formed against us, shall prosper.This country needs to become kingdom minded.If this nation don’t seek God,it will only get worst.God Bless this nation because we are under attack and most of this nation don’t even know it!So I pray that our country will call on God so it can be the beautiful country it has the potential to be and that races come together to protect our kids and teach them that no matter what color a person skin is,we are one nation under God.GOD BLESS THE USA. All lives matter

Samuel Jones Jr. #350216 -HB1
1630 Prison Rd
Cotton port,LA.71327.

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