Archie Wilder

FRIENDSHIP, by Archie Wilder

That is a term that a lot of people use lightly. It so strange that most (not all) of my close friendships are with people that I have met over this 19 1/2 yrs of incarceration. It just gos to show that you can establish good friendships anywhere. Its people that I grew up with,and I have been in the trenches with that I barely hear from. But its people that I formed a bond with in prison that I talk to regularly and they have back 100%.They are always available for me. And it’s just goes to show you that their are good people everywhere. The ones who have had my back from day one, you know who you are, and you know your very much appreciated. But it takes a special type of person to meet someone under these circumstances and have their back 100%.MAK,LB,EF-WON,DP,PETE.You know I love y’all. Some of the relationships are deeper than friendship, but they are all my friends. True friendship is shown by action.

DOC #414-917

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