I Received Your Book Today, by Rico Comer


Dear Ms. Suzie Bosko, I received your book today, which offers your insight into your genuine concern for the inmate population. Words alone can’t express my gratitude for the feeling of importance and relevance one felt reading your words. I think I can speak for anyone who has been afforded the privilege of being able to showcase their talents or use the platform that you have provided for those of us buried in the tombs of the prison industrial complexes across the country when I say that you have made dreams come true for a population of men and women who had no idea how they could let their voices be heard through the walls and fences which separate us from society prior to learning of you and the gift that you have provided.

So many of us have so much to share, so many thoughts, so much talent, so much information with regards to the everyday plight of the prisoner, some innocent, some abused, some forgotten about. And you have given us a kind of freedom to breath, to gain to put our humanity on display, and to potentially gain support and create a network. Thank you a thousand times over, please continue to do what you do and the blessings will continue to flow your way. We recognize your value, and we definitely need more people like you. I believe that you are a righteous woman, and according to what I believe, the righteous will be victorious in this life and in the hereafter.
Please send me information as to how I may donate to Inmate Blogger.

Rico D. Comer #732167 (Father, Student, and aspiring author)
Toledo Ohio Correctional Institution
2001 E. Central Ave.
Toledo, Ohio 43608


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