Isolation, by Sean Brown

We’re all just looking for Peace of Mind.
Trying to be Who We are,
Trying to find Our stitch in Time.
Each Soul is a Shining Star,
An individual Sun named I.
And We can’t all have Planets,
We all can’t catch free rides.
Some of Us explode into Depressive Manics;
This is Life.
Who understands the inner workings of another?
Who knows the Call the next Man bears inside?
A Wife, Husband, Sister, a Brother?
No one knows what to expect when the Umbilical Cord disconnects.
Alone in the Womb;
Only Self can take that First Breath.
We have No One,
We don’t even have Our Selves.
Our lives belong to desires & sensations that are felt.
The deeper My Pain,
The Stronger the Fire;
The darker My Soul,
The more I reach Higher;
The colder My Heart grows,
The more unrecognizable the Face in the Mirror.
I do not exist.
I just AM.

DOC #1083630

Categories: poems, Sean Brown

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