Davin Wallace

I Hated NASCAR, I Luv It Now, by Davin L. Wallace

As a black kid growing up in a inner city low income housing complex I never had a interest in NASCAR. I actually looked at it as a white person’s sport and it to be their pride & joy, I even hated the fact it came on T.V. and people sat around for hours watching cars go around in a circle. So instead of giving the loved & highly appreciated major circle watching a chance I stayed in a more smaller box. But for the last week or so I witness(ed) my brother (not related, I don’t think) Bubba Wallace and his NASCAR family stand together against racism, and that not only earn my respect for them & the organization, but today I also have decided to watch my first race this Sunday in which I will be cheering for my now favorite driver. Let’s Go 43!! But I will also be rooting for the entire NASCAR Family safety & success while also praying that others that may be in a box as I once was may step outside of it to enjoy life, people & sports on a grander scale. I also encourage Bubba Wallace to take joy in the fact that God has placed U where He wanted U for His purpose so His will be done. Bring us together Bubba. Real men stand, kneel, cry and fight for what’s right!! Today, right fist up, left hand peace sign. BLM but God bless all & I love U all!!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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