The Harsh Reality of Voting, by Robert Smith Jr.

Everyone keeps saying vote that’s how you change things. Well look at what happened when we voted Obama. We still got the same problems and issues. So in one sense I agree with that, but in another I totally disagree. Your vote only counts if you got the right people in position to vote for. Most of the people running for any office at any given time are not the right people that we need for change in America. And until we get the Right people(rebellious spirits) into positions of power our vote will continue to be futile. Most of the people that are in position to receive our vote are trying to preserve America the old. And it may or may not be done intentionally, because you can’t help what household you were raised or indoctrinated in. Like when I see some of those Senators or House members, I’m thinking wow! How innovative or willing to be are they? Given the fact that most of them look like they got one foot in the grave. So they probably come from that generation of Donald Trump’s that’s totally out of touch with America the youthful. But these are the people that are in positions of power. With the exception of the Squad, Nancy Pelosi, and several other members of Congress, it seems pretty stale to me. And full of America the old. Until we get more of a Congress that reflect the diversity and attitudes of our youth here in America, who are we kidding wit this whole vote campaign. The attitudes of the vast majority of Congress members doesn’t reflect that of the protestors. So how could there possibly be change. The majority of Congress needs a revolution. More youthful people, more colorful people, and more rebellious people who ain’t afraid to go against the status quo. Because they’re not trying to willing shift that power over to change. And that’s the problem I have wit voting. This is a problem I feel we all should have. We’re voting, but the people we’re voting for doesn’t reflect our attitudes and desire for equality. So we must get the protestors and rioters who don’t have felonies into positions of power. Then our vote will truly count. Until then, we’ll just keep marching and singing the same song, wit no real power to change our narrative. So instead of encouraging our young protestors and agents for change to go out and vote, we should be telling them to avoid catching felonies, and get into a position to get our vote. That’s where our voting energy should be directed. On ourselves. We the people! Not going to vote on these people that have never been on the front lines of injustice. They don’t understand our pain. Nor have they been in our shoes. And this is the harsh reality of our votes. Most of the people we are voting into office don’t care about people of color. And its nothing personal for the most part but when you are raised around nothing but your own kind and the only time you see people of color or hear about them is on television, how can you relate to their needs and interest? Its impossible. And that’s what we have to look forward to when we go out and vote. Its a sham! And we’ve been falling for it for decades now. WAKE UP! The sooner we realize we must put our people/protestors into positions of power, the sooner we can see America the beautiful. Start paying attention to who makes up the majority Senate and House of Representatives. Out of a hundred Senators, how many do you see that represent the people? And that’s just based on appearance. We haven’t even gotten to their backgrounds, demographics, race, education, ideals, or mentality. Its the same wit the House, there’s no representation of the real people. They represent White America interest. Not the people in the streets protesting or desiring equality. They’re only purpose is to maintain white rule in America. Its like a spider web, there’s many intricate strands or silks to the web, each representing a different institution, i. e. education, military, financial, government, entertainment, etc. but all leading back to the center of the web of white supremacy. Of course, over the years this web has attempted to morph into a more lighter silk appearing to give the illusion of we the people, but the real people knows that’s still the same fucking web regardless of how it looks. And that’s the harsh reality of voting, you can’t change a system until you get your own people inside of it. People that represent the struggle or truly desire equality here in America. Think about a spy that works for a particular country, he/she goes in to another country/system and pretend to be one of its very own. While all the while working in the best interest of their native country/ system. And that’s what we the people must incorporate into our voting process. This is why no bills or laws are passed in the favor of the people. This is why police officers can get fired on one hand and when the smoke clears rehired on the other under the guise of arbitration. This is the harsh reality of our vote. This is why executive orders ain’t made in our favor. This is why police officers have been getting away with murder. This is why innocent or wrongly convicted people go to prison. We the protestors don’t have our people in position to work in our best interest. So our vote never really counts. However, on the other end of the spectrum, white supremacy always got their people in position so their vote always counts. And that’s why police officers can blatantly killed a Black man on camera and get away with it. Because the jury represents him, and so does the judge. In fact, the entire judicial system represents him. So he gets off. This is the harsh reality of Voting. And once we know and accept this reality, than we can work as a unit to change it. But until then, it will forever be the harsh reality of Voting.

Robert Smith Jr
DOC #477-176

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